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Working with the Portfolio Coverage Estimation App

How does it work?

  1. Upload your portfolio or investment Universe to the Manaos Web App.

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  2. Access the Portfolio Coverage Estimation App and choose the portfolio for which you want to know the coverage.


    Screenshot 2-Oct-03-2023-10-11-31-9492-AM

    Our matching module will take all your instrument IDs and match them to our partners’ ESG scores. Manaos has 3 levels of matching:

    • Level 1 Strict Matching: we match the instrument at company level only, there is no proxy.
    • Level 2 Proxy to Parent: if there is no ESG rating for the company, we go back to the parent company to match the instrument.
    • Level 3 Proxy to Ultimate parent: if there is no ESG rating either for the company or the parent company, we go back to the Ultimate Parent to match the instrument.

    Please note that by using a proxy, your coverage rate is likely to increase, but it will impact the quality of your data.

  3. Skim through our panel of apps and verify the coverage rate of your portfolio for each app, selecting the ones that best fulfill your needs

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N.B: The coverage calculation relates to the coverage rate of issuers rather than the data points covered by the dataset in relation to the portfolio.