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Working with the PAI Statement Generator

Discover how to use this new SFDR feature on Manaos!


As of January 2023, the Principal Adverse Impacts (PAI) Statement has become a mandatory disclosure requirement introduced by the European Union's SFDR regulations.

As such, companies with 500 or more employees are obligated to annually disclose a PAI statement on an entity level (article 4 SFDR).

How to Generate a PAI Statement on Manaos

  1. Set up your PAI Statement: Choose the appropriate reference date period based on the portfolio of your choice, as well as the portfolio you wish to include.

    Screenshot 1-Oct-03-2023-10-26-45-6375-AM
  2. Choose your ESG Provider: From the apps included in your monthly plan, you may choose which indicators to include in your PAI Statement.

    Screenshot 2-Oct-03-2023-10-30-50-8535-AM
  3. Calculate your PAI

  4. Visualise your PAI metrics



You will then be able to download your PAI statement report.