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What time frames are covered ?

Up to six years of historical data disclosures on greenhouse gas emissions and company activity levels is incorporated into the dataset. Forward-looking data sources are used to track likely future transition pathways beyond the most recent year of disclosed data up to six years into the future.

The dataset is updated on an annual basis (using adjusted baseline and horizon years) to take into account the latest available disclosed emissions data and any new targets.

Will I receive support if needed and/or are demos available ?

Trucost’s Client Development team will provide ongoing support both during the on-boarding as well as throughout data delivery. This will include data feed setups, the provision of supporting materials and any queries regarding the data or methodology when needed.

What data is required from clients ?

For Trucost to undertake a 2°C portfolio footprint PDF report, a client would need to provide Trucost with company identifiers (ISINs) and the value of holding and currency for each holding of a client portfolio. Clients can optionally also provide this data for a chosen benchmark to be assessed.