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TPT sample file to upload on Manaos

TPT files are used when disseminating fund inventories.

Click on this link to download an example 


How to fill out the file:

Mandatory (green columns)
At a portfolio level:
  • portfolio_id (ISIN is preferred)
  • portfolio_name
  • portfolio_currency (ISO 4217 is preferred)
  • portfolio_valuation_date (YYYY-MM-DD format is preferred)
  • portfolio_official_NAV_validated (It is used for consistency checks when available. Might be approximated by sum of market values when it’s not available)
At a security level:
    • security_id (like ISIN, Sedol, CUSIP, internal code,but  ISIN is preferred)
    • security_name
    • security_quotation_currency (ISO 4217 is preferred)
    • security_market_valuation_in_portfolio_currency
Highly recommended (yellow columns)
  • security_type (CIC code is preferred)
  • security_market_valuation_in_quotation_currency
  • security_clean_market_valuation_in_portfolio_currency
  • security_clean_market_valuation_in_quotation_currency
  • security_market_exposure_in_portfolio_currency
  • security_market_exposure_in_quotation_currency