Understanding the Manaos File Template

The Manaos template file can be used when disseminating fund inventories.

Click on this link to download our Manaos template file

What's on it?

  • The first tab is an explanatory guide for the different columns of the template
  • The second tab is for you to fill out with your data

Below is an explanation as to the the mandatory and conditional columns to fill for each line:

At a portfolio level:
  • portfolio_id (like ISIN, Sedol, CUSIP, internal code, or other but ISIN is preferred)
  • portfolio_name
  • portfolio_currency (ISO 4217)
  • portfolio_valuation_date (YYYY-MM-DD format is preferred)
  • portfolio_official_NAV_validated (It is used for consistency checks when available. Might be approximated by sum of market values when it’s not available)


(i) As these columns are at portfolio level, it is expected that within the same portfolio they all have the same values. Also, please note that you can have multiple portfolios within a single tab.

At a security level:
    • security_id (like ISIN, Sedol, CUSIP, internal code, or other but ISIN is preferred, especially for providers' analyses)
    • security_name
    • security_type or CIC Code (CIC code is preferred)
    • security_quotation_currency (ISO 4217)
    • security_market_valuation_in_portfolio_currency
  • security_market_valuation_in_quotation_currency
  • security_clean_market_valuation_in_portfolio_currency
  • security_clean_market_valuation_in_quotation_currency
  • security_market_exposure_in_portfolio_currency
  • security_market_exposure_in_quotation_currency
  • accrued interest ptf currency
  • accrued interest quotation currency

Below is a list encapsulating the possible security types:

Sovereign bond
Corporate bond
Investment fund
Structured note
Collateralized securities
Cash and deposits
Mortgages and loans
Call option
Put option
Credit derivative