What is included in this module?

The Climate Module in the Manaos platform includes:

Carbon Scores. It measures a portfolio's (and its holdings) current and committed future emissions, and reduction efforts for  Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2. A scale of 1 (worst) to +100 (best) is assigned.

Portfolio coverage. Percentage of the portfolio weight with relevant data. This percentage can be over 100% if there is debt in the portfolio. There is no data for securities with unknown organization, countries as organizations and cash.

2°C Alignment - It measures whether a portfolio’s holdings are collectively aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement’s 2°C warming scenario.  Possible scores include: Well Above 2°CAbove 2°C2°CBelow 2°C

- Carbon Footprint. 4 TCFD-recommended metrics to measure the amount of CO2 emission attributable to the portion of constituents in the portfolio.

- Top 10 organizations. Deep-dive of the top 10 organizations' performance with the highest allocation in terms of 2°C Alignment and CO2 emissions.