What information is included in the ESG Risk module?

The ESG Risk Module in the Manaos platform includes the following information : 

Portfolio coverage. Percentage of the portfolio weight with relevant data. This percentage can be over 100% if there is debt in the portfolio. There is no data for securities with unknown organization, countries as organizations and cash.

Total ESG Risk score - as well as its separate Environment, Social and Governance scores. They measure the financially material ESG risks and opportunities of a portfolio relative to its peers.  A score of 1 is assigned to the worst performer(s) and 100 to the best.

- Key categories from ESG Risk. 10 more granular scores, to be chosen by the client from a range of critical topics that fall under the ESG framework, such as Carbon Emissions or Diversity.

- Top 10 organizations. Deep-dive of the top 10 organizations' performance with the highest allocation.