What are the Sustainable Development Goals ?

In 2015, the United Nations launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were adopted by 193 countries. The SDGs outline a set of objectives to be achieved by 2030 that aim to end poverty, hunger and inequality, while tackling climate change, improving health and education, and strengthening institutions globally.

In contrast to the earlier Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs not only emphasize the role of government and non-government sectors, but of businesses to operate responsibly and pursue opportunities to solve societal


How can I use the dataset ?

Trucost’s SDG Analytics dataset helps investors understand which companies are
contributing towards the SDGs and how they are doing so through their current
business models. It also provides information on how exposed a company may be
to SDG-related risks, or risks that may detract from achieving the Goals. The data
can be used by investors to analyze potential exposure to a variety of SDG-related
risks, measure SDG-alignment, benchmark companies against each other in terms
of their SDG performance, screen or optimize portfolios, and report to stakeholders.

How can I access the dataset ?

An annual data subscription offers clients access to the SDG Analytics dataset, including associated SDGs and SDG targets, SDG-Aligned Revenues, SDG Additionality and SDG Risk Exposure score for 3,500 listed companies. The file is delivered in an .xlsx or .csv format via a secure FTP platform. This file is updated on an annual basis.