Util Factsheet

Introduction : 

Util is a London-based fintech company helping investors build diversified and
differentiated sustainable investment strategies.

We bring together the collective knowledge of the world’s leading experts and the most
sophisticated AI to better understand the myriad ways in which every company
positively and negatively impacts the world around it.

The result is a set of analytics that arm investors with greater insight, accuracy and
coverage than traditional datasets or aggregators.

How it works

The process is entirely automated to avoid human error, with only a final layer of
human validation.Using machine learning, we quantify the degree to which every listed company in theworld both positively and negatively impacts the 17 UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs) and
targets, as well as thousands of sustainability themes.

Our machine-learning technology evaluates a company as an aggregation of itsproducts & services, weighted by revenue. It derives the real-world impact of thoseproducts & services by drawing on the insights of 120 million peer-reviewed journals.

Investors can use our dataset to build and report on sustainable portfolios that capture
the complexities of the global economy.


Objective: Forget unreliable disclosures. We look only at the real-world impact of a
company’s products & services and draw our conclusions from peer-reviewed journals,
making it the most objective sustainability dataset available.

Comparable: Because we don’t rely on disclosures and ratings, which vary depending
on company size and region, every company is subjected to the same
methodology—allowing you to compare any two like-for-like.

Scaleable: It’s the largest sustainability dataset on the market. Our analytics cover
every listed company in the world—almost 50,000 of them—meaning it can be applied
to, and measured against, any equity investable universe.


Util was founded in 2017 on the belief that extra-financial issues could and should be
measured with the same rigour, accuracy and universal applicability as financial

Since inception, we have been selected for inclusion in the UK Investment Association's
inaugural fintech accelerator, the Oxford Foundry accelerator, and New York's FinTech

We have also advised on a number of industry initiatives, including the Impact
Investing Initiative and the Impact Management Project.

We have received investment from a number of Oxford-based investors, including Oxford Sciences Innovation.

Company structure

Util is led by CEO Patrick Wood Uribe and CTO Jose Maria Lopéz Sanz.
Before Util, Patrick was Head of Business Development and Academic Research at
Kensho, the leading provider of AI to sophisticated financial institutions. In 2018, Kensho
was acquired by S&P in the world's largest AI acquisition to date.

The leadership team also comprises Raquel Gallardo, Head of Client Operations, and
Ewen Gillies, Head of Engineering.
The Util team brings together a wealth of experience in NLP, data science, research,
consulting and asset management.