Uploading on Manaos

Whether you are collecting or disseminating portfolios, uploading is an integral part of the Manaos process. This article will explain the different steps in uploading a file on Manaos.

  1. In order to upload a file on Manaos, simply log on to the platform and hover over to the following icon (top left): Capture d’écran 2024-01-05 à 12.42.57


  2. Select 'upload' on the top right:


    You will encounter the following interface:Screenshot 1-Oct-03-2023-10-10-43-9916-AM

    From this interface, you have 2 possibilities: 

    • If you have a format that is supported by Manaos (see below): simply drag and drop your file(s) on the platform, or browse and choose the correct file(s) (zip files are accepted)
    File formats supported by Manaos: TPT (v3-v6), Manaos ESG Template, EET (v1, v1.1 or v1.1.1), EMT (v.3.1-v.4), Geneva, Advent Geneva, Multi-fonds, Multi-fonds FA
    • If your file format is unsupported or you do not have any file: simply download and fill out our Manaos ESG template, available via download here or on our upload window. 

    For more on the Manaos ESG template format, check out the following page 

    Disclaimerthe Manaos ESG template will only grant your file a "basic" quality.

    NoteIt is possible to integrate your custom file format directly to the Manaos platform. To do so, reach out to our team at support@manaos.com

    N.B.: Depending on your input format and its complexity, this might be charged to your organisation.