Upload my files via email

If you prefer not to upload files directly on the platform, Manaos allows users to set up an email flow to facilitate file uploading.


Steps to request set up for email flow:

  1. Email support@manaos.com with your request to set up a new flow and include:
    • the list of authorized senders
    • the email address in the organization to be notified on file upload status (only 1 address is permitted)
    List of authorized senders (to be sent to support@manaos.com)
    First Name, LAST NAME Email-address Address to notify on file upload status
    John SMITH john.smith@greeninsurance.com No
    Jane JONES jean.jones@greeninsurance.com Yes
  2. Manaos will send an email confirming the new email address to be used when sending files

You can monitor file processing at any time by logging onto our platform.


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