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Understanding the Look-Through Rate of My Portfolio

This article covers the different aspects that surround the look-through rate.

What is the Look-through Rate?


The look-through rate is the percentage of the portfolio that represents direct investment lines. A high look-through rate means that a large amount of funds are accessible and shared by users on the platform.

To increase your look-through rate, you must try to gain access to the missing funds of your inventory by inviting your partner to the platform, and by asking for the missing funds

To learn more about sending and managing access requests, check out this article.

How is the Look-Through Rate Computed?


The look-through rate is computed by subtracting the weights of all funds (CIC code = **4*) that have not been collected from the total (100%). 



Portfolio Name:  Portfolio Date Portfolio NAV: Security ID Security Type Security Market Value
Scope Example 31/12/2022 1000 FR123 Investment Fund 300
Scope Example 31/12/2022 1000 FR456 Investment Fund 350
Scope Example 31/12/2022 1000 FR789 Equity 350

Before any collection:

LT Rate = 100% - weight (FR123) - weight (FR456)

LT Rate = 100% - 300/1000 - 350/1000

LT Rate = 100% - 30% - 35%

LT Rate = 35%


Now, we have collected FR123 but not FR456, therefore, the look-through rate is: 

LT Rate = 100% - weight (FR456) 

LT Rate = 100% - (350/1000)

LT Rate = 100% - 35% 

LT Rate = 65%


If the fund FR456 is then collected, the look-through rate will reach 100% 

How can I Improve my Look-Through Rate?

To improve the look-through rate of your portfolio(s), you must collect all the funds that compose it. To do that, you must: 
  • ensure that the portfolio(s) you want to have access to have been uploaded to Manaos by the asset manager (if not, you may invite the asset manager to the platform or to upload this particular fund if already onboarded)
  • send an access request to the asset manager for the desired fund(s)