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Understand the error log report

When the file you uploaded is "rejected", this means it did not meet the minimum qualitative standards to be processed correctly by our platform. We will go over two notions in this article:

  • How to I read my error log and correct my file
  • The meaning of the quality indicators

To correct your file:

1.  Select the download icon and download your error log.

Understand the controle

2.  Review the Error Log which indicates which error is contained in which column and line of your input file.

3.  Upload the corrected version of your input file, which should now be accepted by the platform.


Quality indicators

The Manaos platform qualifies the quality level of your file into two categories:

  1. Regulatory: This means your file meets regulatory reporting standards such as Solvency II
  2. Basic: This means your file meets basic reporting standards such as ESG reporting

If you client requires regulatory reporting standards, be aware that a "Basic" quality status is insufficient and they will require you to correct your file to meet regulatory reporting standards.