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Understand the controls Manaos executes on your files

When you upload a file unto our platform, we execute a series of controls to ensure data quality. This means we execute up to thousands of controls per file at a time!


Schema Ingestion module

Detail of the controls we execute on every file:

  1. Header mapping controls: to recognise the type of file you sent us​ (CSV, XLS, XLSS...)
  2. Format controlsto ensure the file was filled out correctly (i.e. are fields in the expected format?)​
  3. Specific file formattingwe transform your file into the desired output file (i.e. TPT v5)​
  4. Functional controlswe apply rules developed with our business experts to ensure your data ‘’makes sense’’ (i.e. checking if market and portfolio valuations are equal)

If at any point, there is an error on the information you provided, Manaos will provide an error log to help you verify and correct the file.

  • Blocking error: the file will not be accepted by the platform and you will be asked to correct the file
  • Other non-blocking errors: Manaos will provide a warning, explaining the non-blocking errors but the file will be accepted

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