Sending & Managing Access Requests

Once your portfolio scope is set up, you can ask your partners to share their inventories with you for the selected valuation date.

  1. From your "Data Collect App", click on "Inventories to collect". You will see a list of funds that have not yet been collected at the selected valuation date. You can also view the status of your different access requests.
    Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 12.14.21
  2. If your partner is on Manaos, you can "Request file access" directly on the platform 
    Screenshot 4-1
      A pop-up will require you to select: 
        • Start Date: When do you want your partner to start sharing his portfolio(s) with you?
        • Frequency: How often does the partner need to share their inventories with you? (monthly or quarterly basis)
        • Look-through level: What is the look-through level (%)  agreed with your partner? 
        • Delivery time: On which Business Day (BD) does your partner owe you their inventories?
      Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 11.34.07
    • If your partner is not on Manaos, you can send them an email invitation asking them to joinScreenshot 2
      Screenshot 5
    • Once an access request is accepted by a partner, their inventories will be automatically shared with you based on the agreed upon deadline and frequency
    • You can monitor all access requests and their status from your dashboard:
      • You can relaunch access requests if a partner has not answered
      • You can close an access request if your partnership has ended


    Tip: You can create bulk access requests for the same Asset Manager

    All the access requests initiated by your organisation on Manaos are submitted to the Asset Manager in charge of the fund.

    From your "Inventories to collect" dashboard you can also:

    • Relaunch an access request, in case the Asset Manager has not answered
    • Cancel a sent request, in case of error
    • Close a request, in case you are no longer in a partnership with the Asset Manager

    Note: This feature does not hold any legal contractual value between yourself and your client. The frequency, look-through level & delivery time only reflect the contractual agreement previously established between yourself and your Client.