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Manaos Matching feature

What is it ?

Manaos partners with many ESG data providers and has access to their ESG database. When a user uploads a portfolio, Manaos takes care of matching the instruments of the portfolios to the right score in the providers’ dataset. To do so, Manaos has developed a proprietary matching module to allow optimal enrichment, using two matching sources.


Our sources

We use 2 different sources: Factset and GLEIF.

- GLEIF is a free and open database that gathers all the LEI codes of the companies. The user can use it without any additional cost. The coverage rate of the instruments covered by GLEIF is not exhaustive, and it allows a simple level of enrichment.

- FACSTET is a paying database, we have chosen to use this database because many users already have a subscription to this source. Its coverage rate is wider than Gleif, and it allows to be more granular in the matching level.

The user can choose to enrich with one of these two sources, or he can combine the two sources for optimal use. Thus, a user can use GLEIF when the data is available, and use FACTSET as a second choice to fill in the unrated instruments.


Our methodology

  • GLEIF : Manaos matches the id of the instrument in the portfolio with the LEI code of the issuing company. Then we take into the provider dataset the associated ESG score of the company, and put it in the enrichment analysis.
  • Factset : Manaos matches the ID of the instrument in the portfolio with the FACTSET code of the issuing company. Manaos has 3 levels of matching :
    • Level 1 Strict Matching: we match the instrument at company level only, there is no proxy.
    • Level 2 Proxy to Parent: if there is no ESG rating for the company, we go back to the parent company to match the instrument.
    • Level 3 Proxy to Ultimate parent: if there is no ESG rating either for the company or the parent company, we go back to the Ultimate Parent to match the instrument.

Please note that by using a proxy, your coverage rate is likely to increase, but it will impact the quality of your data. The user can choose in self-service which level of matching he wants to apply.