Does it measure alignment or contribution to the UN SDGs ?

Clarity AI’s UN SDG Impact scores measure the impact across 86 quantifiable metrics that underpin the 17 SDGs - selected based on international standards such as GRI, vs. other solutions in the market that measure mere revenue alignment.

The UN SDG scores are built bottom-up from each target. A company’s SDG score looks at its industry’s contribution to a specific target, the company’s performance relative to industry, as well as the impact that would be unlocked by an improvement on that target. These scores are aggregated for all of the relevant targets, leading to an overall total potential impact score.

We provide data on 31k+ companies' (positive or negative) contribution to the UN SDGs. Aligned with renowned impact methodologies such as the Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative and Harvard Business School - our data and methodology are unique in that it allows for a quantifiable, comparable measure of external impacts of issuers on society and the environment.