Dissemination Settings

Manage users, notifications, organisation emails and access request settings

In this article you will find how to:

Manage users

Manage email notifications

Add account generic email addresses

Set up automatic access requests acceptance

Set up emailing for external users



1. Manage users: As an Admin user you can add, edit & remove users by going to "Settings"      -->  "Account"

Screenshot 1a



2. Manage email notifications: Any user can personalise their email notifications by going to "Settings" --> "Notifications".

Screenshot 2-3


3. Add account generic email addresses: Account admins can define which teams or team member should receive chase up notifications notifications by going to "Settings" --> "Application" --> "Dissemination" enter email address and click on "+". Please note that you should at least keep one address to be contacted by your collectors.

Screenshot 5-1




4. Set up automatic access request acceptance: Account admins can define from which investors they automatically accept file access requests by going to "Settings" --> "Applications" and enabling "accept auto access request" and then defining the Manaos relevant organisations. 

Screenshot 4-2 



5. Configure email adresses for out of platform file dissemination: Account admins can now add external party email addresses to their settings to configure TPT and EET dissemination outside of the platform

Screenshot 3-2


6. (NEW) Submit your specific portfolio’s identifiers: In the case that your organisation uses specific portfolio identifiers, you must provide the corresponding public identifier before any inventory can be collected.

Screenshot 6