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Dissemination App Dashboard

When you select your "Dissemination App", you'll find a dashboard to help you manage your inventory sharing and access requests.




(1) Your inventories indicator: get a quick look the total number of inventories uploaded on our platform, the number you need to share with your partner(s), and the number already shared

(2) Your access requests indicator: see the total number of access requests received as well as your pending, accepted & refused access requests.

(3) Your working dashboard: closely manage all actions on one dashboard

    • To do: Lists all pending actions (inventories to be shared or pending access requests)
    • All inventories: Lists your inventories
    • All access requests: Allows you to manage all access requests with your partners
    • Uploads: Audit trail of every file uploaded on the platform

(4) Upload inventory: allows you start a new inventory upload at any time