Collection App Dashboard

The Collection App Dashboard allows users to manage and oversee access to their portfolios.

Here are some helpful tips:

Screenshot 1

(1) Your portfolio indicator: get a quick look at the Portfolio ID, Net Asset Value (NAV) date of the portfolios you uploaded on Manaos, as well as the organization that provided the portfolio. 

(2) Your share class management indicator which allows you to classify your inventories based on: 

  • their statuses (Collected, Authorized, Not authorized, Not received)
  • the name(s) of the asset manager(s) that provided them
  • the name(s) of the organization that provided them
  • their quality (basic, basic+, Regulatory, S2, S2 SCR)

(3) Your working dashboard: allowing you to closely manage all actions on one dashboard

  • Inventories to collect : Allows for the verification of inventories left to collect from partners
  • Access requests: Allows for the supervision of access requests statuses
  • Uploads: Audit trail of every file uploaded on Manaos