Answering Access Requests

As an Asset Manager, you will receive access requests from clients who need to view your inventories in order to improve their portfolio look-through.

To manage received access requests, simply: 

    1. Open your "Dissemination App"
      Screenshot 1-3
    2. From your dashboard, click on "Access Requests"Screenshot 2-2

    3. From this section, you may confirm or deny new access requests, revoke current accesses, or even reopen previously revoked accesses.

Screenshot 3-1

4. When you click on reply, the following page will open:

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 15.04.43

From this interface, you will be able to select: 

  • The scope to share: what part of the files do you want to give access to? (Full TPT, Exclude CQS or Light Inventory)
  • Embargo delay: How long until the file is transferred?

Example: If you select 5 days of embargo, each period (monthly or quarterly depending on the frequency) the file will be disseminated after 5 business days if it has been uploaded to your organisation


Tip: You can accept or reject access requests in bulk by selecting the requests and clicking on "reply selected"

Note: This feature does not hold any legal contractual value between yourself and your client. The frequency, look-through level & delivery time only reflect the contractual agreement previously established between yourself and your Client.