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Answering access requests

As an Asset Manager, you will receive an access request from a client who needs to view your inventories in order to improve their portfolio look-through

To manage received access requests:

  1. Click on your "Dissemination App"
  2. You can manage the access requests you received from clients 2 ways:
    • From your dashboard, click on the "To do" tab and then on "Pending requests"
    • From your dashboard, click "All access requests" tab 
  3. You can then accept the request or refuse it, according to the legal agreements you already have in place with your client

Tip: You can accept or reject access requests in bulk by selecting the requests and clicking on "reply selected"

From the dashboard you can also:

  • Revoke an access at anytime, in case your partnership has come to an end
  • Re-open a previously revoked access

Note: This feature does not hold any legal contractual value between yourself and your client. The frequency, look-through level & delivery time only reflect the contractual agreement previously established between yourself and your Client.